heated delivery bag


heated delivery bag

The heated delivery bag keeps pizza, indian, chinese and curries Ďoven hotí between 80 and 90 degrees centigrade for as long as you require. As, the heat is conductive, the food does not sweat or burn in the heated delivery bag, but stays hot and fresh right to the customers door. The heated delivery bag does all this with no cumbersome heating elements for less power than a 40-watt light bulb!

Designed purely with the delivery driver in mind. The heated delivery bag has top carry handles for ease of movement and a short connector lead fitted with a simple plug that does not interfere with the drivers actions, get tangled or drag on the floor when the heated delivery bag is carried.

The heated delivery bag plugs into the car cigarette lighter socket. Or, for ease and speed of use, a special jack adapter is fixed into the closing of the car glove box. The jack adapter plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and stays there for the duration of the delivery driverís shift.† The delivery driver can place the heated pizza delivery bag on the seat next to them and plug the bag in, all in less time than it takes to start the car.

Heated delivery bag benefits

The heated delivery bag increases customer satisfaction with the delivery of oven hot food. Food can be cooked straight from order and kept hot in the shop with our 240 volt transformer. Ideal for customer pick up or delivery, where timing is a problem. Job satisfaction for the delivery driver as serving the customer Hot food creates a wow factor and no complaints. Easy use for the delivery driver, no messy wires and awkward plud. Low voltage, Uses only 34 watts to maintain heat between 80 and 90 degrees centigrade. Easy to clean, tough and hard wearing. No awkward heating elements or hot plates. Just cloth that heats up.

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